Thursday, 28 November 2013


The past two sessions have made me realise that my initial selection of briefs may not be as relevant to the responsive module as I first imagined. Specifically, the brief I outlined as my main point of focus does not have room for substantial development or proposals.

In response to this realisation that my initial selection of briefs are not as relevant as first though I decided to re-define my selection of responsive briefs. The process was started by outlining the briefs that will be replaced and why I have chosen to replace them. 


Below are the three briefs that I will be replacing;


The embracing our differences brief tasked participants with creating a piece of artwork that communicated a message of diversity and equality. The brief was very open as to how the piece was produced and simply asked that the outcome was submitted at a certain size.

I was initially attracted to the brief because of its ethical message, as a designer ethics are very important to me and so entering ethically driven design competitions is something that interests me and benefits my practice. 

I have since decided not to enter the competition for two reasons, the first relates to the openness of the brief, it is not specific with what it asks for and even after re-writing the brief I still felt that it was vague and unspecific. Due to this vague nature I found it hard to generate ideas that really stood out as as something that could be developed into a quality final outcome, and so progressing through even the first stages of development was challenging. Additionally, I also initially outlined the competition as the brief I will focus on over the coming months, after assessing the competition in detail I realised that there was only slight room for development, as the submission guidelines outline that only one image can be submitted.


The Eze brush competition was made available on the Talenthouse website and tasked participants with creating a logo for a toothbrush company. The competition is very straight forward and asks for a 'sleek and clean' logo that utilises a combination of colours. 

I initially selected the brief as one of my original five choices as logo design is something that I am interested in and want to develop as part of my design practice. Additionally, the brief is only small and so would make a nice quick addition to my responsive module. 

Since selecting the competition I have decided against entering it because as I started to progress through the early stages of ideas generation and development I found the project really uninteresting. Therefore, although the competition was relevant and beneficial to my practice I have decided to replace this brief with something more interesting 


The International Digital Arts contest was a design competition I discovered through the Graphic Competitions website.  The contest was one of the most unspecific competitions that I had come across as it only asked for some form of digital artwork, initially I thought this could be beneficial as it would allow me to submit a design free from the restrictions of a brief. However, when it came to creating a concept I found it was so open I struggled to think of an idea I wanted to develop.

After reviewing the competition details and struggling to generate ideas I decided not to continue developing the brief and instead focus on finding a brief with more direction and relevance to my design practice.   


Below are the three new briefs that I have selected with additional explanations defining why these specific briefs were selected as replacements.


  • The brief is much more substantial than my original main brief choice and so has more room for the development of project outcomes and proposals.
  • The National Trust is an organisation that aims to introduce more people to the natural environment - a cause that I personally believe is very important, also relevant to my ethically driven practice. 
  • Challenging brief - how do you persuade young people to engage with the outdoors?

Why is the competition brief useful?
  • Work could have a positive effect - ethics.
  • Improve project management skills - substantial brief with room for development.
  • Help me realize my professional responsibilities - brief relevant to practice.


third_thursday_First_love_facebook copy

  • Relevant to practice - illustration
  • Relevant to personal interests - skateboarding.
  • Unusual outcome - not very often you design a skateboard deck. 

Why is the competition brief useful?

  • Allows me to develop the standard of my illustrations.
  • Quick brief - another responsive project. 


  • Relevant to practice - open with how you create response. 
  • Past success. 
  • Gain exposure. 

Why is the competition brief useful?
  • Quick brief - another responsive project. 
  • Improve project management - speed.

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