Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Today I had a progression criticism with a small group of students and Lorraine, the session presented me with the opportunity to talk through my 'Design for Print' projects progression so far.

Points covered during the presentation;

Initial research;
  • Print related problems I encountered on the first year of the course.
  • Student survey - Results helped to define concept.
  • Survey enabled me to highlight problems.

  • Almost fully collected.
  • Experimented with various print methods and finishing techniques.
  • Bulk of secondary research collected from 'The Production Manuel'.
  • Secondary research will help form content.

Concept - Audience;
  • Any higher education creative student.
  • Secondary audience of creatives industry professionals and people interested in print.

Concept - Purpose;
  • Outcome will act as a print reference guide.
  • Will enable audience to refer back to important information at any stage of the design for print process.

Concept - Content;
  • Wide variety of print related content.
  • Outcome will walk audience through print processes step by step.
  • Will have a section on each of the six categories, format > stock.
  • Stock examples.
  • Ink examples
  • Print & Finishing method examples.

Concept - Form;
  • Similar shape to Pantone Swatch book.
  • Will be a handy small size for ease of transportation.
  • Will have a elasticated fabric band to hold close.

Where am I now?;
  • Organising research to form content.
  • Starting page layouts.
  • Started making design decisions regarding aesthetics.
  • Organising print studio visit.



While browsing projects on 'Behance' I discovered this personal branding project by Chris Wood, the post featured some business cards with a striking use of edge painting. The effect was perfectly created with the simple use of a hand clamp to tightly hold all the cards together and some spray paint. The technique seems to have worked really effectively, therefore I will utilize the same process when edge painting my outcome.

Chris Wood Branding - Chris Wood


I want the corners of my outcome to be rounded to help against ware and make the it more durable, this is an important feature as the outcome will be transported around with students.

When exploring the form of the outcome I drew the rounded corners with a radius of 1cm, this allowed me to accurately select the correct size corner cutter as I had the measurement of the cut. I bought a good quality 'corner rounder' on 'Amazon' with a cut radius of 10mm perfect for my outcome.

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