Monday, 4 November 2013


At the very start of the year I was approached by a close friend from one of my old colleges currently living in South Africa.  A practicing artist Richard specialises in creating exquisite oil paintings of the surrounding landscapes and animals found in South Africa. As an up-and-coming artist Richard is currently developing a personal identity and so needed a logo to represent his practice.

Upon first discussing the brief Richard outlined exactly what he wanted me to produce and gave some rough ideas as to how he wanted the end product to look. As he is currently living in another country all communication regarding the project was completed via the internet, at first this was not a problem. However as the brief progressed I found certain aspects of feedback and analysis was misunderstood, consequently extending the time it took to complete the project.

The logo created was based around the Fibonacci spiral due to its relevance to the varying proportions applied within fine art. After defining a basic logo form and typeface the client was happy with the logo was developed by hand to create a soulful aesthetic significant to Richards work.

One of the main problems I encountered while completing the brief was communicating via the internet, as certain ideas and visual amendments were hard to visualise without a physical manifestation of the idea. In future projects where communication is completed via the internet I will utilise screen shots and video programs like ‘Skype’ to visually communicate with clients about ideas. 

Finally, despite the communication issue I feel that the project was an overall success. Not only was the client very pleased with the final outcome but the brief enabled me to develop aspects of my design practice by gaining experience creating a logo and communicating online with clients.  

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