Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Today I had my progress tutorial with Lorraine in which we discussed issues regarding my projects development and my progression through the course so far.

Below is the sheet outlining the most important issues raised.

  • Design for Print - I am making good progress on the brief but need move away from the research stages of the project.
  • Deign for Web - I need to start the ball rolling on the project by finishing all research and starting informed work on the sites design.
  • Context of Practice - I need to finish all current study tasks and finalise my essay choice.
  • PPP - I am making good progress with the module so far but need to ensure that this effort is consistent. 
  • Responsive - This module is going well, I have already submitted work for one competition and have started work for others. I need to make sure that I keep on top of blogging my responsive work as it is very important to the successful completion of the module.


After discussing my current progression regarding each module Lorraine set me some small tasks in relation to the function and navigation of my blog.
  • Ensure all blog posts are labelled and tagged.
  • Link blogs to one and other.
  • Any visual research that I find needs to be annotated and have its relevance to my project highlighted.


I found the session really helpful as it allowed me to highlight specific areas relating to each module that I can improve. In response to the session I can now go back through specific projects and improve areas that were lacking in some way. 

Additionally, I was able to discuss with Lorraine problems or issues that are bothering me on a personal level such as time and project management. During the session I mentioned that sometimes I feel that there is not enough time in the week for design work, Lorraine reminded me of something very important, balance. As a creative it is very important to achieve a balance between work and play, as having an unbalanced practice can lead to stints of unproductively. 

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