Wednesday, 13 November 2013


The Chris Stapleton poster brief was outlined as one of the five initial brief choices for the responsive module, simply asking for a poster design to capture the mood of Stapleton’s new single ‘What are you listening to?’. The competition brief was initially selected because it presented me with the chance to create an illustrative outcome, as illustration is an important foundation of my design practice the brief was relevant and appealing.

As I had work from numerous other projects running alongside the responsive module I wanted to complete the brief in a relatively short timescale, and so I gave myself a week to complete & submit the final outcome. In past module evaluations time management has always been a factor that has been outlined as an area for improvement. Therefore, while completing the responsive module I focused on reducing the time it takes to complete smaller projects similar to this one.

After collecting a brief body of research into the song and artist I felt I understood the moods emoted by the single enough to start generating ideas for an outcome. As Stapleton is a relatively new solo artist he needs his identity promoting to new and existing fans. Therefore, I decided to base the vector illustration around the artist’s identity and image. The illustration was rendered in a pastel blue colour scheme that was selected capture the feelings communicated by the despondent nature of the song lyrics. Combining the artist’s portrait with colours relevant to the single allowed me to create a design that promotes both aspects, consequently surpassing the requirements set by the brief. 

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