Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Today I had a progress criticism in which we reviewed the work created in response to the web brief. 

Below are the main points I presented to the group.


Introduce Concept - 

  • Website will educate the audience about the history of skateboarding.

Survey - 
  • Enabled me to highlight target audience.
  • Results showed that participants thought a knowledge of skateboarding history is important.
  • Results also showed that participants would engage more with a website with illustrative, skateboard style illustrations.  

Aesthetics -
  • The 'kinetic V5' website successfully utilizes illustrative aesthetics to visually represent the D.I.Y zine ethos the site is based around. 
  • My outcome will utilize similar aesthetics as they are very relevant to my target audience.

Finally, I showed examples of my thumbnail design variations and final scamps while explaining how the site will navigate. Moreover, I also explained my reasoning for making certain design decisions. 


After each student had finished presenting their work the group and tutors had a change to give constructive feedback regarding the concept, project progression and website.

Below are the comments I received after presenting my work;

Landing page - 
  • Is the landing page needed? Users are often put off by functionless landing pages.
  • It was later discussed that my landing/home page does have relevance as it introduces users to the websites purpose, what it hopes to achieve and why.

Appropriate aesthetics - 
  • My choice of rough, hand rendered aesthetics is very relevant to the target audience.
  • Ensure that aesthetic theme runs consistently across all aspects of the site.

Static site -
  • The sites fixed aesthetics means that the site will be very static and wont work across multiple formats.
  • I would like my website to be responsive and therefore work on hand held devices such as tablets and smartphones. However, as I am working to a very tight timescale and have little experience with the software I will put the ideas forward as a proposal. 

Composition -
  • At the end of my presentation I highlighted a composition related problem to the group. My current designs have a consistent composition that is used across the majority of pages however, the design created for my blog page breaks this consistency. I wanted to know if people thought this would be a big problem.
  • The whole groups suggested that I should stick to the consistent centre column layout.

Wireframes -
  • For my project to progress I need to start creating wireframes for each page of my website. Wireframe designs are essential in successfully creating a website as they allow designers to see the specific measurements used on the layout of the page.


Finally, I reviewed the feedback that I received during the session and created a list of responses to help me successfully overcome the problems highlighted during the criticism.  
  • Make compositions consistent - Redesign blog final scamp with amended layout.
  • Get started with the design process - Start creating the wireframes.
  • Make decisions regarding production of website - colours, secondary fonts.
  • Keep time organised - Start designing. 

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