Monday, 25 November 2013


Today I had my tutorial with Richard in which we discussed my choice of question, possible areas of focus and my physical outcome.


Chosen subject - Consumerism.

  • Consumerism is a subject I am very passionate about and have been interested in for a while. I feel that an understanding of consumerism needs to be communicated to wide mainstream audience to help people understand the problems that follow a consumer society.
  • Question example - How does the consumerist system negatively affect society?
  • I need to find specific examples to focus on that will support my ideology.  

Practical piece.

  • My physical outcome will be aimed at children, I believe that to overcome the problems associated with consumerism we need to educate the next generation so they can be informed enough to make the correct decisions when it comes to consumerism related problems. 

Initial research - Writers.

  • Samuel Bowles & Herbert Gintis - Schooling in Capitalist America.
  • Ivan Illich - Deschooling society.
  • Kalle Lasn - Culture Jam.


After the session I wrote up a quick action plan to help organise the initial stages of the project. Last year I wrote in my evaluation that I need to start working on projects immediately to help me manage my time better.

  • Review initial idea and strengthen the concept.
  • Write up the essay question.
  • Gather books and other research materials.
  • Organise content from research materials.
  • Write detailed essay plan.
  • Start essay. 

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