Tuesday, 4 February 2014


At the start of this mornings session we were asked to present the five design boards displaying information on the research topic we collected information on over the last two weeks.

Each member of the group had 3 minutes to present all work with 2 minutes at the end of the presentation for group feedback.


Images of the five design boards I presented are featured below.


Below is the feedback I received from members of my group;

  • Think about how the information could be applied, for example, scientific purposes, agricultural etc.
  • How will the aesthetics reflect the application?
  • The secretive nature of the information presented is a key aspect of the research topic. 
  • Research into natural remedies and Chinese medicines, the topic shares similar traits.
  • You could produce guide on how to produce. 


After reading through the feedback received after presenting my boards I created some responses to help my project progress;

  • Focus research over the next week, consider how it could be applied with regards to the editorial based outcome for brief one.
  • When generating concepts for the publication consider how the outcome will be relevant to the responses created for the second brief. 

After receiving feedback on our research we were asked to review the boards and form a group list of common design board mistakes. As a class we accumulated the common problems outlined to form a class list;

What not to include;

  • Initial sketches - sometimes relevant, often not.
  • First person annotation.
  • Spelling mistakes.
  • Food stains/marks on boards.
  • Pixelated images/bad quality images.
  • Illegible text.
  • Too much text - boards should visually communicate.
  • Too little text - can lack information.

What to include;

  • Board numbers.
  • Titles - what are the boards showing?
  • Your work.
  • Decent photography - quality images of work.

Once we finished creating the class list of do's and don'ts we were asked to swap and evaluate a selection of design boards created for the last module submission. The boards were evaluated against the list featured above as well as other common aspects such as the alignment of images. The layout of the boards is important as it directly affects presentation and helps direct viewer focus at important aspects of information.

Below are images displaying a selection of the feedback written on the critiqued boards.

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