Thursday, 20 February 2014


The Third Thursday Boardpusher competition runs every month and asks artists and designers to create a skateboard design reflecting a specified monthly theme. The competition was selected as one of my responsive briefs because of its relevance to my personal interests, skateboarding is one of my main hobbies and has been an aspect of influence and inspiration for a long time. Moreover, the competition is also relevant to my design practice as the brief presents the opportunity to create an illustrative outcome.

The monthly theme of the competition entered was ‘First Love’, a term which was open to interpretation. After creating a series of mind-maps exploring possible concepts I decided to focus on fictional stories and their illustrious characters that greatly inspired me as a child. Focusing on the hookah pipe smoking caterpillar from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ the base illustration was created by hand through a process of creation and refinement. Once the illustration had been created and finalised I utilised my graphics tablet and Adobe Photoshop to build up layers of colour. Photoshop was utilised due to its freedom with the pentool, and the ability to add the pressure sensitive line width that allowed me to create the rough aesthetic desired. One important adaptation vital to the success of the illustration was changing the line colour from black, to a dark brown colour that was much more cohesive with the rest of the colour pallet.

While completing the brief I encountered no major problems. However, after reviewing the submission I think that the design could have been improved by adding some typography within the smoke at the top of the outcome. The type would be relevant to the theme of the illustration and help to balance the overpowering aesthetic of the smoke. 

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