Wednesday, 5 February 2014


At the start of the session we had a briefing with Phil where he talked through the specifics of studio brief one.

After the morning briefing we had a workshop in which we created timetables to help us keep our projects organised throughout the new design practice module. The session is important as during the last module a number of students, me included, struggled with time and project management.

Before creating the timetable I created a list of tasks that need completing before the module is submitted.


  • Focused research.
  • Blogging
  • Concept development.
  • Design decisions.
  • Content organisation.
  • Study tasks.
  • Design development.
  • Mocks and proofs - critiques.
  • Further development.
  • Book print slots.
  • Production - printing & producing.
  • Photographs of final.
  • Design boards.
  • Evaluations.

Creating the list of tasks enabled me to see exactly what work needs to be completed for the successful submission of brief one. Moreover, I was able to quickly complete the timetables production as I could refer back to relevant project information from the task list. 

In the last module I spent too much of my time completing certain aspects of each project. The result of which was falling behind with study tasks and becoming increasingly unorganised with regards time and project management. I attempted to keep organised through the application of to-do lists. However, I soon found myself swamped with multiple lists that were unorganised and hard to follow. 

I found today's session really helpful as not only did it allow me to understand the timescale for brief one, but it also enabled me to organise my time appropriately. Furthermore, the large format of the timetable will enable me to arrange tasks on one, easy to follow sheet. Compared to the collection of tattered to-do lists the calendar style timetable will be much easier to follow and update as I progress through the brief. 

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