Thursday, 6 February 2014


Today we had our first typography session with Graham, one of the course leaders from Visual Communication. During the session we discussed the various aspects of typography and how the characteristics of a typeface affect its application and function.

Throughout the session we were set small tasks to help us understand the varying characteristics of fonts that are applied within the design industry. The first task asked us to write our first names in a font that visually represented us.

I selected a font that visually represented me as a designer....

After reviewing the fonts selected to represent various members of the group Graham tested our typography knowledge by....terminology.

I did fairly well ...

Next, we completed a similar exercise to the task set at the start of the session, however instead of using type to visually represent ourselves we were given an occupation and told to use an appropriate font to create a business card. 

I was given the respectable occupation of a 'Judge' and so...

Overall, I found the session really engaging as it helped me to see that my typographic knowledge, specifically relating to the typographic terminology,  needs to be improved. Furthermore, the session was also useful as it helped me further understand how typeface characteristics affect application.  (revise)

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