Sunday, 30 March 2014


The last and final brief of the responsive module came in the form of another live brief, set by a friend who is currently focusing on setting up his own recruitment firm. As the business is still in the early stages of development only a logo design is initially needed. However, as the business grows there could be further opportunities to become involved with the company branding and identity.

Project research was collected in the form of sit down talks with the client where he explained the nature of the business and discussed some basic ideas. After our first discussion I felt I understood exactly what the client was asking for and so developed a range of refined modern logos. The concept created to reflect the nature of the business was based around the aspect of finding the right person for the job, this was visually communicated through simple graphics depicting jigsaw pieces and dot assortments. During the first talk it was outlined that the client wanted to apply an inviting pastel colour scheme to the logo, therefore I also defined a basic colour scheme that can be applied to any future outcomes.

Once I had created and refined the logo selection I arranged to have another sit down meeting with the client to present the current outcomes. The on-going client talks are very beneficial to my design practice as they help me gain experience with interacting first hand with clients and discussing design related ideas with people who have no knowledge of design. The client outlined a logo selection that he wanted to apply to the business card but also asked if he could utilise some of the simple typographic variations for the website he getting developed.

The brief is currently still on-going as the client has asked me to design some aspects of the website as well as the logo. Furthermore, as the business grows and starts to turn over a profit I want to propose the design of a cohesive branding and identity project.

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