Tuesday, 4 March 2014


In todays session we completed a group branding task in which we created an integrated identity for a career or business.

At the start of the session we were split into small groups of three people, my group consisted of Harrison and Sam. After being selected each group was given a random business that was then contextualised and branded throughout the day.



After each group had been defined phil presented a short presentation highlighting what was expected from the session, I noted down any important points to help ensure we successfully completed the task to the standard desired.


  • Brand guidelines - rules for reproducing the graphics.
  • Style guide - articulate driving force.
  • Brand map - showing products the branding covers.
  • Defining a brand - what products and services are offered?
  • The brand should promote the business, connect with the customer and differentiate it from the competition. 
  • Consider what is driving the company - what is its purpose.
  • Think of it as a person - needs a well thought out identity.


After Phil's presentation we were left to make a start on the brief, the first thing that we decided to do was to give the outlined business further context to help us create a more informed, relevant identity. After briefly discussing directions that the branding could be taken in I wrote a brief outlining the project specifics such as the concept, background and target audience.


Once the project had gained some direction through the application of a contextualised company and outlined concept I produced an action plan to help keep the group organised and focused throughout the day.

After defining an action plan outlining the main tasks for the day we felt confident enough to progress with collection a quick body of aesthetic research to help inform our outcome.

Research Link - Link.

Additionally, once a brief body of inspirational aesthetic research had been collected I created a spider diagram exploring the possible products and services we could offer as a company. The highlighted aspects are ares that we decided to progress with as part of the project.

  • To let sign.
  • Website.
  • House adverts - A4 in size.
  • Personal ID's for workers.
  • Lanyards for the personal ID's.
  • Stationary.
  • Promotional material - company car.
  • Business card.
  • Letter head.

After defining the products and services the company will offer I created an additional action plan to divide up the workload and help us progress with the project to meet the tight deadline. 

  • A Company car design.
  • House advertisement.
  • To let sign.

While I created an action plan Harrison and Sam worked on producing a relevant logo. The logo is one of the most definitive aspects of the company due to its representative application and consequent company recognition. Therefore, it was essential that Sam and Harrison create an engaging logo we all agree upon as the best from the selection created. 

From the selection we outlined the simply typographic logo displayed below. The logo was designed with an extendable logo icon that would be stretched to the inside margin of the page on which it is placed. 


Once we had outlined a logo, typefaces and colour scheme we each progressed with producing our personal physical outcomes. As we were working on separate macs it was important to first define the design decisions or anything produced would not have formed a coherent identity. Additionally, dividing up the workload and progressing with individually directed tasks allowed us to move through the digital production stages of the project relatively quickly. 

I started the process of desiging a For Sale sign by reviewing the different types of board that are available, their dimension and a list of information that could be featured on the outcome. 


After producing the outcome I rendered it onto an existing image ready for the presentation and to show the outcome in context. 


A company car has plenty of relevance to our company as it would be used to transport clients to different properties. Therefore, using the strong blue colour defined as part of the project design decisions and the logo produced by Sam I created a simple design for the company car. As preciously mentioned, utilising the colour and logo already defined enabled me to create a design coherent with all other aspects produced as part of the branding. Due to the sheer range of consistent branding outcomes I feel that we created a consistent, recogniseable company identity. 

 To create the mock-up for the car I downloaded a Fiat 500 car graphic mock-up and applied the relevant aesthetic elements. 

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