Friday, 7 March 2014


A friend from my home town of Blackburn recently opened up a small store selling screen prints, art supplies and street wear. While discussing the business venture he asked me to submit a screen printed design for the shops opening night on the 6th of March. Despite my hectic workload the live brief was selected as an addition to my responsive module. Not it only is the brief relevant to my print driven design practice but it is also ethical and allows me to support a small up-an-coming business .

The brief was very open and no specific theme was set which gave me a lot of creative freedom when it came to defining a concept for the outcome. After recently watching a documentary about Japanese whaling ships I became inspired to create a print based around the theme of the majestic whale.

The concept for the print is based around contrasting the beauty of nature with the harshness of our modern industrial world. To achieve this the print features an illustration of a dull commercial fishing harbour rendered in a lifeless pallet of greys. Visually contrasting the monotonous nature of the harbour is the explosive, multi-coloured spray from the whale which is emerging in the foreground of the print. The base illustration of whale and harbour was illustrated by hand and screen printed onto an A3 sheet of paper, later the multicolured spray from the whale was added using acrylic paint and a brush.

The only major problem arose while completing the printing process which was unusual as I have extensive experience with the complete screen printing process. Despite this, when selecting the three screens for each layer of the print I managed to clean and expose three A4 screens rather than three A3. Although the designs fit onto the screens there was only a small boarder to the edge of the frame, this unfortunately affects how successfully you can pull the squeegee over the design consequently affecting the quality of the print. 

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