Friday, 21 March 2014


After posting some of my recent projects on Facebook I was approached by a friend who wanted a logo for a hypothetical cannabis dispensary company. The live brief simply asked for a logo based outcome featuring typography reading the company name ‘KarmaCrops’, with an accompanying icon relevant to the nature of the business. I decided to engage with the project as it presented me with the chance to add another live brief to my responsive module and gain further experience in logo design, an aspect of my practice which has been previously outlined as an area for improvement.

The brief was very open with regards to the form and aesthetic of the outcome as the client only specified that he wanted it to balance both type and image. Therefore, I digitally developed a range of simple logo designs focusing on the recognisable form of a cannabis leaf. To ensure the aesthetic was consistent and relevant with the cannabis based theme a colour scheme consisting of a variety of green hues was defined.

Before sending the initial logo variations to the client I went through the collection and selected a assortment of my favourite designs, this decision was made to ensure the client was not overwhelmed with choice when reviewing the variations. After reviewing the initial logo selection the client made a hasty choice outlined a design that he wanted as the final logo. Once the individual design had been selected a file containing both print and screen based logo variations was created and disseminated to the client.

No problems were encountered while completing the brief, however an area for improvement lies with the dissemination of work. While putting the logo pack together I had to write-up a detailed guide as to how the logos should be applied, in future projects I want to include brand guidelines as part of the outcome so that the clients have a document that can be referred to when using the logos.

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