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Today we were introduced to the design process - Responsive module, which tasks us with entering live briefs and competitions throughout the coming academic year. I am really excited about the opportunities this module presents us with, winning entries gain exposure within the industry...

After briefing us on some of the specific details we were set a task;



D&AD - 

99 Designs - 


Below are my 5 brief choices, taken from websites 'Graphic Competitions' and 'Talenthouse'.


Firstly, this competition requires participants to create a piece of work to raise awareness of 'The Arctic 30'. Upon collecting some further research I discovered that the Arctic 30 refers to the crew of the Greanpeace ship 'Artic Sunrise', they were recently detained by the Russian military after trying to board a Russian oil platform.

"Security forces detained 28 of the group's activists and two freelance journalists aboard a Greenpeace ship on 19 September after a protest at an offshore oil platform owned by Russia's state-controlled energy firm Gazprom." - The Guardian - Information Link

The competition asks participants to create a piece of work that helps raise awareness of their cause. The struggle between the common people and powerful corporate forces is something that is in my personal and professional interest, and for this reason I feel compelled to respond to the brief.

The contest only asks for one piece of work to be produced, if I manage my time well I will be able to balance both the brief and college work and form an appropriate response within the given time. Moreover, as the brief is very open with what participants produce it will allow me to develop a response that is relevant to my design practice. Finally, The outcome needs to inform viewers of the Arctic 30 taking any form, as my design practice is predominately print driven I think the most appropriate response would take the form of a poster.

The arctic 30 - Greenpeace website;


The second competition that I have decided to enter is called the 'International Digital Arts Contest', it is a very open brief that requires participants to simply produce a digital piece of artwork. As the brief is so open it allows participants to be very creative with what they produce, and it was this aspect that initially attracted me to the contest. 

As I can be very flexible with what I produce which allows me to adapt the brief to my design practice, I have always had a keen interest in illustration, both digital and hand rendered and this brief offers me the chance to form a response that relies on this aspect of my practice.

Moreover, there is also a long time left before the submission date, this will allow me to efficiently balance the brief along side any college work but also leaves ample time to develop my response to the highest of achievable standards.

An initial challenge that I will face is creating a strong concept for the brief, there is no set problem to solve and so the concept must be created by myself. 

Terms and Conditions

Entries must be submitted by the original artist or photographer. You must be the sole owner of the copyright of the image you submit. Work must be original in concept and execution. Images must be appropriate for public display. Obscene, pornographic, disturbing or otherwise inappropriate photos will not be accepted. All participating artists retain full copyrights of their images. We will not profit by your images in any way. However, by submitting an image to this competition, you give us the right to display the image anywhere within the Markus Mueller Digital Artist & Illustrator domain or for promotional purposes and to resize, convert and recompress the photo for viewing convenience and/or faster loading. The fee can not be repaid. All persons over 18 years of age can participate. 

All members need a PayPal account! 

All members need a facebook profile!


Firstly, this competition requires participants to create artwork that promotes an ethical message, and educates people about the importance of diversity. Personally, I find this concept really interesting as it is a positive message that could help change peoples perceprtion of each other for the better. 

The brief asks participants to create artwork that communicates the theme of 'Enriching Lives Through Diversity'. There are no restrictions regarding what media is used or how the message is communicated, the only restriction regards how the artwork is submitted. This allows me to develop a response that answers the brief but also enables me to add my own personal touch, giving the entry relevance to my design practice. 

Like the 'International Digital Arts' contest this brief also has a deadline that is quite some time away, this will enable me to balance work completed for the brief with any work set at college. Furthermore, the lengthy time scale will allow me to develop a strong and relevant graphic response. 

The challenge within this brief is based around my ability to effectively communicate the intended message to a wide target audience. This restriction will affect aesthetic choices regarding graphic style and the way in which I decide to communicate the message. 

This video showcases some of the winning entries from last year. The designs seem fairly simple, and focus on visually communicating a message of diversity. When creating my response to the brief I will need to think about how I could effectively communicate the message using predominately visual imagery. 


I found this competition through the website 'Talenthouse', it promotes various competition briefs for a  range of creative subjects such as 'Art and Design' and 'Photography'.

The brief asks participants to create a logo design for a new tooth brush company called 'eZeBrush'. Their new product will apparently revolutionize tooth brushes as it has a range of new features such as a retractable brush that applies toothpaste to itself. I recently created a logo for the 'Leeds College of Art Film Society', and since then I have been waiting for another opportunity to design another logo, this brief presents me with that opening.

The brief sets some specific restrictions regarding the characteristics they would like to see the logo encompass. However, I still believe that there is a lot of room for creativity within the response as the best logos incorporate a strong relevant concept.

The deadline for the brief falls on November 27th 2013, giving me around a month to develop a strong concept and graphic response. I believe this gives me enough time to balance the brief along side other competitions and college work, and still create a strong, engaging logo.

The challenge this brief presents can be found within in my ability to create a relevant graphic response, it is essential the logo grabs the audiences attention, yet retain a sleek simple form. Furthermore, I have found logo design to be quite a challenge in the past, so creating my response will push me both creatively and intellectually. 


Finally, I found an interesting poster design competition on the website 'Talenthouse'. The brief simply asks participants to create a poster that captures the soul of his new single 'What are you listening to?'. 

This brief really caters to my interests as a designer as I will have to listen to Chris' song and interpret a relevant style of graphic response. Furthermore, the brief is very open and allows me to respond in any way I see fit, allowing me to balance my aesthetic interest as a designer and the requirements of the brief. 

The deadline for this brief is next month, leaving me with a good amount of time to develop my response. As long as I manage my time well the submitting work in time for the deadline shouldn't be a problem.

The challenge for this brief lies within my ability to visually communicate Chris' style of music, while promoting him as an artist at the same time. 

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