Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Today we participated in the final criticism for the Print & Web brief. At the start of the session we were divided into small critique groups and were given feedback forms so that notes could be taken for each participant.

The session was self-directed by the members of each group, allowing us to organise the run of the critique and time allocated to present work and receive feedback. There were eight other people in my group so we allocated seven minutes for presenting and 3 minutes for receiving feedback form the group.  

Before presenting I went through my work and created a list of points that I wanted to cover;

  • Re-written brief - Create an integrated campaign that informs people about the benefits of growing your own vegetables and fruit in an urban environment.
  • Audience - Young adults, working professionals/students living in an city environment. They don't always have a lot of money but are still interested in healthy living.
  • Concept - Initially started designing my own solutions to the lack of growing space in the city but soon found a similar, and far more advanced version of my idea. Therefore I decided to rebrand their company making it more accessible to my audience. 
  • Produce - I will be producing the information pack consisting of; a build guide, grow guide, seeds and some supplies that can be used when building and growing the windowfarm.
  • Propse - My website will be proposed alongside an advertising campaign promoting the company.

Moreover, I also selected sheets from my projects development that communicated my progress and direction with the project.


To save confusion and help the flow of the critique another member of the group made note of any feedback received while presenting, below is a scanned in image of the feedback sheet that I received after presenting to the group.  


The strengths highlighted consisted of;

  • Logo is aesthetically appropriate to company.
  • The ethical use of packaging saves materials and is effective.

Areas of improvement where also highlighted by members of my group;
  • Propose ways of distribution.
  • Think about how the product would appear in a shop environment, how would it be presented? How would it stand out from the competition.  
  • It was also mentioned that I could include some tags for the vegetables so users can identify their produce. 

From the feedback received I have identified that I need to put more thought into the distribution side of the company. Although the majority of my design decisions relating to packaging and aesthetics are relevant I have missed focusing on other important aspects of the project, such as how the outcome would be distributed or placed in shops.


After assessing the comments received I plan to carry out a selection of small tasks to help my outcome progress.

  • Put more thought into the distribution side of the company.
  • Create mock-ups proposing ideas. 

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