Thursday, 16 January 2014


Today I participated in a criticism for the brief outlined as our focus for the responsive module. 

I initially was focusing on a brief named 'Embracing Our Differences' which was an ethical brief that tasked students with creating a singular piece of artwork that communicated a message of diversity. However, after assessing the brief against its possible range of development I decided to highlight a new brief.

After dropping the 'Embracing Our Differences' brief I looked at the choice of D&AD briefs. I reviewed the choices and outlined the 'National trust brief' as my new brief of choice. Unfortunatly, this decision was made only a week before the criticism, and therefore I only had the early development stages of the project to present.

The session was started by getting into small critique groups consisting of around five members. We then had around 7 minutes each to present our project progression.


For the session I created some design boards that helped communicate the direction the project is taking.

I also presented a design board displaying some aesthetic research, however the board and file were unfortunately lost. Therefore, I have featured the images it displayed below to give the feedback context.



After I had finished presenting the design boards members of the group gave me feedback regarding the projects progression, appropriateness and audience relevance and possible directions.

  • It is good that the campaign addresses both the parents and children.
  • Solution successfully answers the brief.
  • Collect further research with regards to the stock that the posters will be printed on. (sustainable/biodegradable paper?)
  • Proposed poster aesthetic will grab kids attention and evoke them to want to venture into the wild.
  • Methods of distribution are well considered, but how could they be pushed further?
  • Consider how the campaign could be integrated into schools and kids clubs.
  • Consider proposing a website redesign (the redesign should apply to both children and adults like the visual campaign).
  • The audience is well considered.


Firstly, the strengths of the current project that were outlined during the criticism consist of;
  • Effective campaign that addresses both adults and children.
  • Proposed kids poster concept is effective and will engage the audience.
  • The audience is well considered, initial campaign is appropriate to them.

Furthermore, feedback received during the criticism also helped to highlight areas of improvement, these areas consist of;
  • Further research needs to be collected into possible stock choices, the stock should reflect the natural/green ethos of the featured company.
  • The current methods of distribution are well considered, but need to be pushed further to have more impact.
  • I should consider how the campaign could be integrated with schools and kids clubs. Children form a large part of my target audience and therefore a focus on distributing the campaign into their environment is important.
  • Consider creating a website redesign of the current national trust website. The redesign will create a more consistent company identity and extend the reaches of the campaign.


After analysing the feedback and highlighting the strengths and areas of improvement for the project I outlined the responses I will engage with to help the project progress.

  • I will research into sustainable and biodegradable stocks that the posters of the campaign could possibly be printed onto.
  • With regards to the distribution of information I want to create a spider diagram exploring further areas that the campaign could be distributed to reach the desired target audience. 
  • I will consider how the campaign could integrate with schools and kids clubs to further engage the child part of my outlined audiences.
  • Finally, I considered creating a website re-design as part of my proposed campaign, however re-designing the website and focusing it on my primary target audience could make the website unsuitable for the other users of the website. Therefore, I will create a spider diagram exploring ideas and concepts regarding the digital aspect of the campaign and how this could integrate with the current national trust identity.

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