Saturday, 28 December 2013


Before I started designing my outcomes I needed to create and organise  the content for my booklets, doing so enabled me to work out how much information will be included on each page of the outcome.

I reviewed my research collected into the Windowfarm building process and highlighted important steps and pieces of annotation. I then used the highlighted information to write the content for my build guide booklet

The final word count for the build guide came to 2,335

After generating content for the build guide I repeated the process of analysing my research to help create the content for my grow-guide.

The final word count for the grow guide came to 2,993. 

Finally, in past projects I have mentioned how writing the content for my outcomes was one of the most time consuming aspects of the project. As I am working to a very tight timescale for this brief I decided to try and reduce the amount of time spent writing annotation by re-writing the content taken from my research and from the Windowfarms website.

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