Thursday, 12 December 2013


Before breaking up for christmas we had our first criticism for the final brief, design for print and web. The criticism was important as it marked the last point of feedback we would receive before leaving college for christmas break.

We started the criticism by splitting into small groups of around six people. The session was fairly self-directed  so first we chose someone to go first and allocated five minutes to present with three minutes for feedback.

At this point in he brief I was still at a stage where I was developing my concept, therefore I presented my re-written brief, initial ideas and any other supporting material.

While my feedback was being verbally delivered I took note of the comments and ideas communicated by the other members of my group. 



After the session was over I reviewed my feedback sheet and anaylsed the points made so I could outline responses to help me progress from the session.

Advertising - An advertising campaign, or proposed campaign, is an essential part of the overall project. Not only will advertisements inform the target audience of the project, it will also act as a way of creating interest in the campaign. I need to consider how I can create a visual campaign that infroms the audience about the Windowfarms movement while reflecting the green/sustainable ethos of the project. Suggestions were made to research into green advertising and activism.

Advertising - The created advertising campaign should relate to both the urban environment, in which the target audience reside and the urban farming movement. If the campaign relates to both of the mentioned aspects it will be an accurate representation of the company, which focuses on providing indoor growing solutions to people living in an urban environment.


In response to the feedback I will consider creating an integrated advertising campaign to raise awareness of the Windowfarms company and the campaigns aims and goals. Furthermore, I will research into green advertising to see how I could create a campaign that not only communicates information but also reflects the sustainable values promoted by the project.

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