Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Firstly,  This grid can be made by opening a new blank document. Then, by going to Layout - Margins and Columns you can change the settings so that columns are added.

To create this grid you first must open a new document with a gutter size. Then, use the Rectangle Frame Tool to draw a box, before letting go of the box use the arrows on the keyboard to create the grid.

Moreover, to create a grid like this, use the same technique as previously used, but create the new document without a gutter.

Moreover, we can create grids and guides by using the scripts application.

For this to work a shape must be created using the Rectangle Marquee Tool.

By selecting add guides, InDesign will place guides over the document.

Moreover, we can use a similar technique to create a grid.

Type in your desired number of columns and rows and InDesign will create your grid.

Finally, we can use the measurements shown by illustrator to find the centre of the page.

By setting up and highlighting guides at the top and bottom of the rectangle we can find the exact measurement between them. 

I then used these new techniques to create a mock up of my wildlife magazine spread.

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