Thursday, 1 May 2014


After the criticism and one-on-one time with Lorraine I progressed with the project by making a functional mock-up of my design to see if it functions as imagined.

The outcome was created by hand with a scalpel and metal ruler. Therefore, each layer of cardboard that forms the packaging had to be carefully cut by hand. To ensure that the bottles could fit into the box a template was used from the bottle templates created earlier in the project using the scanner.

  • The black wrap that is applied to the final outcome will have a graphic applied to its surface in a black ink as to not form a strong contrast and retain the dark aesthetic appearance outlined earlier in the project.

  • Upon opening the wrap the audience will see the top of the box which will also have a relevant graphic applied to it. 

  • The packaging is formed from layers of cut cardboard glued on top of each other, this creates space for the bottles and also protects them from any damage that could occur while transporting the goods. 

  • The roll on bottles fit snugly into the space left by the aspects removed from packaging prior to gluing. 

    • The back of the packaging is secured with a black card hinge that fits with the rest of the outcomes aesthetic.
    • The hinge also allows users to open the box easily without completely removing the upper section of the packaging.

    Overall, the mock-up outcome was successful and allowed me to see that my initial design idea functioned as imagined allowing me to progress with the design development stages of the project.

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