Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Following comments made during the final criticism where I presented the scalpel cut mock-up of my packaging I decided to laser cut my packaging. The original plan was to get the packaging laser cut, however after finding out that the resource was fully booked up until the end of the year I decided to consider other methods of production.

Despite this, one night while working late at college I decided to check if the cutter was free after hours. To my surprise it was free, enabling me to get the cardboard base of my packaging cut professionally in one night. As I had so many layers of cardboard to cut the whole process took around 4 hours to complete.

As previously discussed in the design decisions section of the production post I decided to reuse some cardboard material I had spare in my room. The decision, although not directly relevant to the product created is relevant to my ethical design practice. 

To ensure the most was made from each panel of cardboard the design was set to tile until it completely filled each one.

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