Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Today we completed a final critique of work created in response to studio brief two. As it was the penultimate critique of the module only final outcomes and mock-ups where presented allowing students to comment on the success of the project.

As I was still in the relatively early design stages of the project I presented my mock-up packaging and  bottles. The mock-up was a useful piece to feature in the criticism as it outlines the form and function of the packaging and product range. 

Additionally, as well as the bottled products and supporting packaging I will also be producing some company branding and in store branding. However, at the current stage of the project these elements are still being developed.

The image below shows my arrangement prior to the critique 

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As a group we had just over an hour to walk round the room and leave feedback on peoples outcomes. The image below documents the feedback I received during the session.


I progressed from the criticism by first analysing the feedback received during the session. While reading through the points made I outlined what I believed to be the most important and useful aspects of the feedback. Highlighting the most important points allowed me to then form a list of responses to help me develop my final outcome. 


  • Think about making it easier to pull the bottles out of the packaging.
  • Lettering/labels place onto the bottles could be silver to link to the outer sleeves inlay.
  • More information needed to understand the product.
  • Packaging needs to be more identifiable.
  • Include a mini leaflet/booklet to give context to the product and make it recognisable.

Additional comments also mentioned that the aesthetics of the packaging and bottles don't reflect the typical aesthetic style of similar health based products. However, I believe this is because they do not understand the nature of the product or its mystical history. With the addition of an informative tag or leaflet this problem can be surpassed while simultaneously giving relevance to the design decisions made.


After analysing the comments received during the critique I formed a to do list to help my project progress from the points outlined.

  • Adjust the packaging bottle size to make it easier to remove the bottles. 
  • Use laser cut to produce the packaging.
  • Create an informative booklet to be distributed with the product and give context to the outcome. 
  • Add graphics to product to give it an identity.

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