Sunday, 10 March 2013


On Thursday I attended a screen print workshop where we printed a hot dog book using four colours, Cyan Yellow Magenta and Black. We printed the book using large A1 screens which had already been prepared by a previous group. Therefore, we didn't need to expose the screens, only clean them after each layer of colour had been added.

The session reiterated the techniques we were introduced to in our first print workshop, as well as enabling us to try the techniques hands on. Moreover, the publication we produced can be used as a guide to using the facility. 

After the screen had been secured to the frame we printed onto a sheet of newsprint. This enabled us to see if the screen had been cleaned properly and check the alignment of the screen.

We then placed a sheet of cartridge paper in the place of the newsprint, and printed the screen again. We printed onto the cartridge paper so we could the mark the positioning of the sheet against the print marks left by the screen.   

Marking the sheets positioning means when we print the next screen it will be accurately aligned with the last layer. This accuracy is key to the success of the print, as if it is off there will be noticeable imperfections. 

After the sheet position was marked and the paper was flat to the print bed we lowered the screen and printed the first colour.

The technique was repeated for the other three colours, Cyan, Magenta and black. After we had finished printing each screen it was cleaned thoroughly so no ink was left to dry in the screen.

After applying the final black layer the book was ready for folding. 

I found the workshop really engaging as scree printing has always been a technique I have been fascinated by. Although I have hardly experimented with it so far this year I hope to use the technique in future projects such as the 'What is a book..' brief.

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