Tuesday, 23 October 2012


After our studio de-brief we where asked to create a logo design made from the typeface we created for our partners. The exercises aim was to make us consider in what context our typeface could be used.

My typeface was very illustrative, and used a mixture of collage and illustration to create letterform, and portray my partner’s personality. Therefore, the content of the illustration would have to be relevant to the company or business I am trying to portray. When searching for a company to represent I had to consider how the content of my alphabet would accurately portray the company ethos.

My typeface predominantly revolves around dancing and movement, so I started researching into photographers that specialised in ballet photography. After conducing some research into this I discovered Lois Greenfields work. Specialising in dance and Ballet photography she seemed perfect to represent with my typeface.  

I produced a mock up of the design in photoshop. However, we were told that the piece had to be produced by hand.

It was producing the design by hand were I encountered some problems. As I was creating the design at a small size it was hard to capture all the detail of the letters design. Moreover, as the letterforms are quite complicated it was hard to reproduce accurately.

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