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As previously mentioned in the 'How to...' research part of my brief (found under Design Context) we were asked to write down a list of problems we have encountered living in Leeds as a student. This list eventually lead us to select our 'How to...' question.    

In addition, we then used our ‘How to’ as the start for our brief. We immediately started discussing what considerations we had to make, the first being, who our target audience would be, what they needed to know, how would we present our information in a engaging way. It was obvious that our focus would be directed at the first year students. However, we decided that it would be a good idea to design something that would be beneficial to anyone struggling with public speaking. 

After extensive research we had decided to produce a flyer and a poster. Firstly, we divided the flyer work up between the group, this was a challenging task as we did not know each other’s strengths, weaknesses or style. We overcame this by each defining what we believed to be our strengths. I was tasked with producing some vector illustrations. As they were being printed at a small size I wanted to keep them relatively simple so when scaled down they are still definable. Before parting ways a colour scheme was discussed so when the work came together it did not look disjointed, we wanted to use a cool, calming colour throughout the project so blue was therefore selected. 

After brainstorming ideas of what symbols could be used to represent the different tips I selected my best ideas and produced a simple set of sketches defining what symbols I wanted to create. After scanning these in I produced vector objects and adjusted them to the chosen colour scheme. Furthermore, I created the symbols in illustrator so when scaled up or down they did not become pixelated. 

The first set of vector images I created.

Around half way through our brief we had a progress criticism, we were assigned a group and had to constructively criticize their project so far, with them in turn doing the same for us. Each group took turns to present their projects, while the other made notes on possible pit falls and improvements. After, we were given a sheet of five questions about how well their project was going so far. Once this was completed it was given to the other group. Below is the information we received back about our project. 

(crit write-up)

Upon our next meeting we had enough resources to start putting the flyer together, the base for the info-graphic had been finished and the researched information had been typed up. Additionally, characters had been created for the back of the flyer, it was previously decided to design a back for the flyer, the content of which would be illustrated. The ideas was to display facial expressions of people who had made mistakes while public speaking, we wanted them to achieve a lighthearted feel and almost be comical to help amuse the viewer and settle nerves. Using all our resources we combined the work and finalized the flyers layout.

One of the characters created for the back of the flyer.

As we had the basic design for our flyer other members of the group started producing the poster. All the same fonts, colours and illustrations where used to ensure that the poster was not out of context, this also made the poster quicker to produce. Additionally, We sized the poster so it not only was long and thin but also would fit on the iron pillars which can be found throughout the Leeds College of Art building. While some members of the group worked on the poster I designed some more vector illustrations as I did not make enough to initially fill all the negative space on the flyer. After the illustrations were finished they where added to the flyer which was nearing completion but still missing a front and back. 

The poster design.

The second set of vector images I created. 

Flyer with added Illustrations

After the group crit...what we learnt/ changed


fb group

presentation/outcome photography

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