Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Upon returning from the Easter holidays one of the first things we did was complete a class criticism of everyone's current progression with Studio Brief Three. 

Unfortunately, I had not checked eStudio that morning and so did not know the criticism was going to take place, because of this I only had a limited amount of visuals to present which affected the relevance of the feedback received. 

The image below displays the range of A4 sheets presented;

Moreover, the image below displays the feedback I received form the session. 

  • New packaging poreffered. 
  • Add lid to design.
  • New packaging will be easier to craft and print onto.
  • New packaging fits with the design better than previous idea.
  • Lid will help to secure items in place.


As I was so unprepared for the criticism I spoke to Lorraine who informed me that there was a period of time the next day for one-on-one student and tutor criticisms. Therefore, I decided to arrange my project elements and utilise the one-on-one time to receive informed feedback on my projects development.

Below is a picture of some of the items presented.


  • Bottle range.
  • Development sheets. 
  • Inspiration sheet - taken from research.

During the critique I had time to talk through the project and explain the individual choices made and how they have relevance to the project and research area. After I had finished talking through the project Lorraine gave me some feedback which is documented below.


  • Product scope - Where would the product be sold? - shop should reflect product.
  • In-store Branding - consider in store branding, shelving, product delivery - how will these decisions reflect the outcome?
  • Online presence - Website and social media campaign to support & promote the product.
  • Product aesthetic comes across as male due to the dark masculine colour pallet - this actually reflects the nature of the product.
  • Synopsis tag - will help users understand the product and its history. 

After reviewing and analysing the feedback received from the one-on-one critique with Lorraine I formed a list of responses to help the project progress from the criticism. 

  • Collect primary research into possible store locations.
  • Collect primary research reviewing the in-store branding of existing products.
  • Assess project timescale and consider producing an online campaign. 
  • Explore synopsis tag in more detail. 

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